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E.F.F. Services is more than just a translation agency—We’re a full service foreign language translation company, and we’re here to deliver your message. Translation today encompasses far more than traditional document translation: It also includes harmonization of translations from multiple translators, software localization, voice-overs, voice prompts, brand name and naming assistance for new products, and certificates of accurate translation. Our core group of language professionals specializes in Dutch, Flemish and Afrikaans. Translators here in the United States and in Europe guarantee that your message will get through. In addition to our core translators, we have a select group of translators to provide services in many other languages.

Expert Legal, Medical, Equipment and Contruction Document Translation

E.F.F. has developed an expertise in legal, medical, heavy equipment and specialized construction documents. Our work has included translation of instruction manuals for medical equipment, such as heart-lung and dialysis machines; complex multinational litigations before US and foreign courts; a police booking system used in the European Union; heavy lift and high lift equipment; and movable airport jetways. Routine corporate requests for the translation of Safety Data Sheets and instructional inserts for prescription drugs are regularly fulfilled by E.F.F. Services. Our expertise is supported and updated by an ongoing effort to maintain the latest language dictionaries and technical guides.

Individual and Family Document Translation

Individual and family requirements for translations are a growing part of our customer base. With the world becoming ever more mobile, the need for translations of family documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, school transcripts and all sorts of personal documents is increasing. At E.F.F. Services we translate these documents, certify the translations and, as appropriate, secure apostilles for the translated documents.

Language Translation Services
Language Translation Services